About Laura

I am a writer with more than 10 years of experience as a writing tutor and editor.

recentpicI have been working as a writing tutor for graduate and post-graduate students at Fuller Seminary and other schools since 2006, and I was managing editor at the Fuller Writing Center for over three years.  During that time, I created numerous digital and video guides to the various elements of the writing process that can be found here.

My prior experience also includes working as a writing tutor in elementary and middle schools and at Presbyterian College Writing Center as well as editing books for self-publishing and scientific articles for journal publication.

I also work from home mostly doing office management and report-writing for neuropsychologists, which I have been doing for four years.

I have experience with MLA, Chicago A and B, and APA style guides.  I have more than seven years of experience working with non-native speakers.  I am comfortable working with any level of writer at any stage of the writing process for personal, academic, and professional writing.

You can find more details about my background and experience on LinkedIn.

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